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REBEL SCUM!!! XDhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/st3f4n/sets/72157616350171741/ 
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    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Star Wars // by CollegeHumor

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    These Battlefield 3 trailers are amazing! It just leaves me baffled…

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    You know what I always thought this movie was going to tank.

    I mean I like Matthew Vaughn, but studio Fox is notoriously bad with this kind of material and the addition of all these characters make it look like a whole Spider-Man 3-affair. Which obviously is not good…

    It’s not just the number of characters which is troubling, I also don’t understand the reason for their inclusion, as if Fox just wants to put a lot in…sounds like Fox…

    The recent marketing fails with the posters is another example why Fox executives are incredibly stupid…

    HOWEVER, it must be said this new Russian trailer looks incredible. This really really feels good. Every scene in this trailer kicked ass for me, and in a weird u-turn I can’t actually wait to see this movie!

    I so hope I am not wrong!

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    I probably would too…


“Somehow I’ve always known.”

    I probably would too…


    “Somehow I’ve always known.”

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    Takashi Miike’s Thirteen Assassins (2010) - Trailer

    Looks EPIC. I can’t wait!!!

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